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Tenki Yohou No Koibito

Hello <3

I’m super excited right now (and a little bit sad): I just finished reading an amazing yaoi story called Tenki Yohou No Koibito. It has beautiful art, a believable story line, fleshed out characters and no sign of rape or abuse at all (!!). Only little downside: there were very well defined uke/seme roles and no sign of versatility.

However to my delight the uke initiated the relationship and played a role in its progress throughout; the story even went so far as to clearly state that the uke didn’t belong to anybody and could make his own independant decisions regardless of what others may want. Both parties displayed a healthy range of emotions and were trying their best to make the relationship work based on mutual trust (!!), even when the relationship went long distance.

It was so beautiful I cried. Anyway, I thought I’d let you know and send you the link:

Good night and take care!

Thank you for the recommendation! I will admit I did really enjoy this manga!

The story follows a news station with our leads being the straight-laced reporter Keitarou and the bubbly weatherman Chitose.  The two work as great foils for each other on and off the show but begin to grow closer. Some of the melodrama is pretty ham-handed but it’s a fun little title that subverts the creepier aspects of the genre.  

I think the low-point in the drama was Chitose’s tragic backstory because he had to be so intimately tied in with the fact he’s a meteorologist and how hammy it was. “I’M A MURDERER FOR NOT PREVENTING MY MOTHER DYING OF SOME CRAPPY WIND ON A BOAT!!!” The high-point for the drama would be the two tackling a long-distance relationship.  It’s not something I see very often in BL and instead of Chitose throwing a big tantrum over Keitarou being given a good job opportunity; he is supportive if a bit sad he won’t get to see him often.

However I really like Chitose, because he’s a self-assured uke.  He works hard, he isn’t naïve, and there’s no annoying sex embarrassment.  He also is just fun!  He dresses up a bunch in ridiculous and effeminate outfits for the show.  However nobody makes fun of him for liking to cosplay. His playful teasing of Keitarou is pretty cute too.  It’s not malicious, it’s geared toward making sure Keitarou doesn’t take himself too seriously, and eventually Keitarou starts to play along a little. Keitarou is a pretty solid seme himself. He communicates well, and deeply trusts Chitose even when he leaves him in Japan with a giant trough full of jealousy fodder.

The art is fairly solid.  There is a few yaoi hands…specifically foot long fingers. However the hands are sporadically yaoi or regularly human sized.


Hammy melodrama but a cute story that doesn’t divulge in creepy tropes!

You can keep your sex embarrassed ukes.  I’ll take 10 Akis please!

From Like the Beast

Another anon going on about crying during sex. My eyes water a bit during sex as well. Just like the anon describes. TBH I think that the tears during sex in either yaoi or hentai are not ok when it escalates into sobbing and whimpering... Which is kinda the more common kind of tears we see in fiction. That one is quite offputting, because their partner usually makes fun of the other one instead of stopping or asking if they are ok.

Yeah that’s true.  More often than not I see semes just flat-out ignoring it the weeping regardless of whether it started out tenderly or not.

Now stop fapping, sit straight and move away from the monitor, young lady!! Just kidding, I'm not your mom :P

You gave up the game by not asking about when you’re going to get grandchildren! UP YOUR PRETENDING-TO-BE-MY-MOM GAME!

In F/M Hentai (except rape scenes of course) I don’t remember having seen much tears, what I see it’s lots of drooling, at most they have sad eyes or act shy, my guess for why it happens so often in Yaoi is what you said plus ignorance from the writers who didn’t bother researching anything about anal sex so they think it has to be painful no matter what

I see tears SOMETIMES in hentai.  Come to think of it, I think I see in more often in BL.

I’m beginning to think it maybe tied to the fact of liking to see emotionally vulnerable men.  Not necessarily for kinky reasons…but to bridge gaps in perceived gender expression of emotions, to witness men being safe in their emotional outpouring.

Re: crying during sex. Sorry in advance for the TMI, but my eyes always water during sex, especially before an orgasm and I know I'm not the only one for whom this physiological reaction to pleasure occurs. It's not connected to feelings of sadness or embarassment or even joy in any way for me, just an uncontrollable response to erotic stimulus, same as toes curling or increased heartrate.

Haha your TMI it’s fine. You’re an anon afterall! ….At least…I hope you’re not secretly my mom or something. Fuck, knowing my mom, this is probably her. YOU’RE OVER-SHARING MOM! STOP IT!

I did not know eyes watering during sex was a thing! I mean I have heard of it in connection to oral sex because yanno the whole ear/nose/throat connection.

….I’m sure the authors of this erotic material…are probably not thinking about how some people have this response but it’s still an interesting thing to know!

I don't know if this is a petty complaint or not considering the bigger problems with yaoi (e.g. the omnipresence of rape), but I wish they didn't treat crying during sex as something completely unremarkable. If someone cries during sex I think your natural instinct should be that you're alarmed, no?

I agree!  It bothers me every single time!  My current partner even has remarked that one of the fastest arousal killers for him personally is the sight of tears.  I know it’s a kink thing for certain people, or that they try to get to cry during sex because it’s a big cathartic release for them…but like…is it not a little much on the first date…and in every single sex scene?

Anyway, allow me to copy and paste what I say about this trope on my BL cliches panel. 

 Why is there so much crying during sex in BL?

This one is a bit hard to pin-down and definitely a carry-over from its straight counter parts.

The obvious answer would it’s related to dominance and non-con.  Not only is the domination physical and sexual but it’s also emotional.  It adds an element of humiliation and shame that play into the kink factor.  Also we all know how much Japan likes it’s fluids in hentai and tears is just another layer to that.

However not all of it is simply fetish fuel.  I think part of the crying during sex trope is not just an outpouring of fear/anger/embarrassment but it can be an emotional outpouring of joy.  That a pair is just so happy and relieved to be reconciled and the sexual climax is why yes also an emotional one.  Therefore, one can argue, that some of these tear-stains we see upon yaoi are ones of joy rather than trauma.

Cuties doing a long-distance relationship!  

Guess what nerds?  The weatherman is my lover is now on the

Catching up with re-uploading rants!  Have Totally decapitated I MEAN totally captivated why not?

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blankd’s (Personal) Tips for Writing Romance


Posting at the request of some friends from twitter.  These are some things I keep in mind when I write ~relationships~ in my stories.  I think they serve me pretty well, so maybe they’ll be helpful for others.

There is a lot in these rules I like and wish more people utilized.  Many of these apply heavily to BL as well.  My favs are these roots of stupidity but golly there is a lot more I still like in there.

Rip Out the Roots of Stupidity

2. If all the drama can be cleared up with a brief sit down, it’s bad writing.  If the characters wouldn’t sit down long enough to have a 30 second conversation it’s still bad writing.

4. Actions have consequences.  Hold characters accountable for their shitty behavior.  It nothing happens as a result then it shouldn’t have been included in the first place.

6.  It bears repeating that characters are not defined nor should they ever be naratively justified by their Tragic Backstory.